Couples Counselling

Traditionally in my one-to-one therapy, clients who sought to work with me often felt as if they didn’t fit into the popular narrative: Man and women fall in love, they procreate (and have amazing sex all the time) and live happily ever after. Unfortunately this binaried narrative troubles many of my clients and the consequences for not fitting in can be overwhelming.

Relationship Diversity

I am very familiar with clients who are in “unusual” relationships that are considered “different”. This can be interracial/intercultural relationships where one partner might struggle with understanding differences. Or same sex couples who are dealing with everyday challenges around building a family and being themselves.

Communicating with Each Other

One of the core challenges in relationships is how we communicate with each other. Counselling can help with better communication. An independent third can sometimes facilitate meaningful contact which then can help to improve relationship quality. Counselling can provide a neutral space for couples to explore where they want to go, it can offer a reflective space to explore options.

Limitations: If you are dealing with a relationship crisis, you will need specialist support which I am not trained to provide.

Areas Couples Counselling can Help:

  • Improve Emotional Openness
  • Address Differences
  • Better Know Your Partner
  • Open Communication
  • Address Future Issues
  • Stop Disagreements from Worsening
  • Improve Appreciation Between Partners