Fees 2021

What are the costs for counselling, psychotherapy & EMDR?

Charging for therapy is a delicate matter and the cost can sometimes feel overwhelming for some, or appear too small for others. I experimented over the years with fee structures and what I noticed is that those who value their own wellbeing are more likely to benefit from therapy. Investment and commitment in your therapy is a positive sign and will create better therapeutic outcomes. My prices are adjusted annually and below is my fee structure for 2021.

First Contact:

The first contact over phone is free and for us both to get to know each other. My aim is to get a sense for what may be going on for you so I understand whether I can help you. During this call we agree on a day and time for a first introductory session. During the introductory session we will also discuss my pricing and billing to determine what suits you best.

  •  Initial Phone Consultation (15 min): free
  •  Introductory Session (50 min): €70

Regular Sessions (50 min):

Weekly Counselling & Psychotherapy

Weekly Booking1 Session


per Session
  •  1 Session (50 min)
  •  Weekly Fee: €80

Block Booking4 Sessions


per Sessions
  •  4 Sessions (50 min)
  • Monthly Fee (appr.): €280

Extended Sessions (80 min):

Weekly EMDR

Weekly Booking1 Session


per Session
  •  1 Session (80 min)
  •  Weekly Fee: €120

Block Booking4 Sessions


per Sessions
  •  4 Sessions (80 min)
  • Monthly Fee (appr.): €400


How do I pay for my sessions?
Fees are payable by card at my office in Elviria. To book an online session, I will email an invoice and the fee is due before the session.

Can I cancel my session?
Sessions can be cancelled 3 days in advance at no extra cost. Otherwise the full fee is charged.

How often do we have to meet?
For therapy to be most effective, a weekly routine is essential. Some clients appreciate to meet more frequently (e.g. twice a week). We will discuss the frequency in our first few sessions to find out what suits you best.

When do I need extended sessions?
Extended sessions are beneficial for EMDR processing. During our introductory session I will explain when they may be needed.

Do you offer concessions?
My fees are non-negotiable. Here is a list of affordable counselling services in the UK.

Do you accept my private health insurance?
Please look on the website of your health insurance provider to find a suitable therapist who will accept your cover. I don’t work with health insurance companies.

I started working with you in 2020. Will my fees change as well?
All contractually agreed fees before 2021 will remain intakt until we formally end therapy.