Fees 2021

What are the costs for counselling, psychotherapy & EMDR?

Advance notice: My fees will be adjusted on the 1st of January 2022 with a €10 increase per session to cover the rising costs of running my business. If you are an existing client and started working with me in 2021 you will not be affected by this increase.

Your First Contact

The first contact is free and for us both to get to know each other a little. My aim is to get a sense for what may be going on for you so I understand whether I can help you. You can self book a free 15-20 minute phone consultation with me through my client portal.

Arrange a Callback

Sometimes, phone calls can be stressful for some people. If that’s the case for you, you can also email me. Please let me explicitly know that you prefer to communicate via email to arrange a session.

Your First Session:

For the first session, I charge €70 for 50 min or €100 for 80 min. If we already have discussed the process, please feel free to go ahead and book your session via my client portal:

Book your First Session

During your first session, we will also discuss the ongoing costs of therapy and payment arrangements.

Session Bookings:

Psychotherapy, EMDR & Intimate Partners/Couples

After the first session you have a couple of days to decide whether you would like to work with me. The cost for counselling, psychotherapy and EMDR then depends on how you would like to book and pay your sessions.

Session by Session Invoicing

If your schedule is unpredictable and you can’t commit to a weekly routine, I charge €80 for 50 min or €110 for 80 min. Please use my client portal to book your sessions:

Book a Session

Advance Booking of 5 sessions

If you book 5 session in advance at a regular time and day, my admin decreases significantly. With less admin my fees decrease also to €70 for 50 min or €100 for 80 min.

Out Visits

I can meet you outside of my office hours or at a different location than my office. For a quote, please contact me via email.


Can I cancel my session?
Sessions can be cancelled 2 days in advance at no extra cost. Otherwise the full fee is charged.

How often do we have to meet?
For therapy to be most effective, a weekly routine is essential. Some clients appreciate to meet more frequently (e.g. twice a week), whereas others prefer an AdHoc agreement. We will discuss the frequency in our first few sessions to find out what suits you best.

When do I need extended sessions?
Extended sessions are beneficial for EMDR and couples. During our first session I will explain when they may be needed.

Do you offer concessions?
I offer temporary concessions to longterm clients who are committed to their therapy when they experience financial hardship. Here is a list of affordable counselling services in the UK.

Do you accept my private health insurance?
If you have an international/global health insurance, or a rembolso insurance you need to check with your provider whether they will reimburse your invoices. When enquiring with your insurance, please let them know that I am a Full Clinical Member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

I started working with you in 2020. Will my fees change as well?
All contractually agreed fees before 2021 will remain intakt until we formally end therapy.